January 19, 2018

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Education for Black America: Home schooling leads the way

School’s Out You know what’s the difference between a jobless African American and a jobless white American? There’s a higher chance of the white person being educated and therefore he is more likely of the two to get employed. This isn’t just about racial discrimination; rather it’s about the actual disparity in literacy amongst blacks […]

Slave for a day, free for a lifetime.

Have things changed? People in the United States of America have gradually formed two camps in the last 4 years. One half still considers Martin Luther King Jr. as the turning point in African American culture and believes that his efforts are essentially responsible for the way black people are treated now and have been […]

Crimes against criminals: The right to vote

Criminally insensitive Being a criminal is a crime in itself. It doesn’t matter if you have served your sentence; in the minds of the general population, you’ll always be an offender. The social stigma associated with criminals and their families, never truly leaves and in most cases they are shunned from society and left to […]

Supreme Court Declares Individual Health Insurance Mandate Constitutional

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that the individual health insurance mandate is, in fact, constitutional. This is a big victory for supporters of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and a crushing, humiliating defeat for opponents of “Obamacare”. The new mandate requires almost every American to obtain some health insurance or pay a penalty. […]

First African-American Marines Honored

“Perseverance and Courage.” That’s what it says on The Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor. On Wednesday, around 400 of the country’s first African-American Marines were given the Congressional Gold Medal. These brave men trained in a boot camp exclusively for African-Americans, Montford Point, before going on to fight and die along their white […]